Booksta in a Box - The Anniversary Box

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Hello fam!
Hard to believe we are turning 2 πŸ˜… but then again, the year has given a lot of "unbelievable" so yeah, this in comparison is pretty normal!

We wanted to launch something that could really define us as that little shop with a big heart. And also, we are so in love with all the fandoms that it became very difficult to choose one (old peeps will know, the number of polls we have run πŸ˜‚) that we had only one choice - stuff in the majority of them in a box.

Hence, Booksta in a Box.

A small tribute to you guys who have been such awesome-sauce peeps and supported us through - your pick-me-ups, suggestions and random fandom squealing make us pull up our socks during those nasty not-so-nice days.

This is a merch-only box with little and not-really-little (we have a jumbo tapestry as part of the box which super awesome πŸ₯°) collectible and usable marches linked with Percy Jackson, Sherlock, Night Circus, Caraval, the Shadowhunters, Pride and Prejudice, the Inheritance Cycle, etc. We are including a minimum of 12-15 pieces of exclusive merch in this box and if I can, maybe I will sneak in a couple more for Christmas Cheer!

Limited Boxes are available so book away!

Fandom Merch
Percy Jackson Necklace
Percy Jackson Pen
Annabeth Chase Cap
Caraval Scroll Letter
Night Circus Wooden Pin
Shadowhunter Weapon Replica
Grishaverse Map Tapestry
Inheritance Cycle Flag
Grishaverse Badge
Emberfall Iron Cloth Patch
Aurora Rising Polaroid Bookmark
ACOTAR Door Hanging
Sherlock Holmes Scarf
His Dark Materials Mug
Multi-Fandom Poster
Christmas Theme Dreamcatcher, Socks



Shipping Charge: We don't charge any :) It is on us - and yes it will be pretty heavy, get ready for some weight-lifting!

Shipping: January first Week