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For it's a flower that speaks to the gods, as none can ignore the beauty it embodies. Such delicacy, such craftsmanship, all the more of value as it lasts but a season but echoes forever.

The Hana Box is for the one who lives, breathes, and dreams about books` - the one whose ideal manner of passing time is to immerse oneself within the pages and see the story come alive. The box comes with the set of books that would be curated by TPB's in-house Book-Boxer who will take into account the preferences as specified along with goodies to match.

Book of the Month (January):

1. The House in the Cerulean Sea - Paperback

2. Legendborn - Paperback

Merchandise of the Month:

1. T-shirt (Kaz Brekker - designed by The Purple Box)

2. Wooden Hanging

3. Bookstagram prop (4-5 inches approx. in size, material- Metal wires)

This book box is a good idea to gift oneself (of course! We all love gifts, don't we??) or any bibliophile you know.

Shipping: January Third Week, based on title release it may vary

Please check the cancellation policy before placing the order

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