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When Light Yagami finds a notebook giving him power over death, will he use it for good—or evil?

Light Yagami is an ace student with great prospects--and he's bored out of his mind. But all that changes when he finds the Death Note, a notebook dropped by a rogue Shinigami death god. Any human whose name is written in the notebook dies, and now Light has vowed to use the power of the Death Note to rid the world of evil. But when criminals begin dropping dead, the authorities send the legendary detective L to track down the killer. With L hot on his heels, will Light lose sight of his noble goal...or his life?

Light tests the boundaries of the Death Note's powers as L and the police begin to close in. Luckily Light's father is the head of the Japanese National Police Agency and leaves vital information about the case lying around the house. With access to his father's files, Light can keep one step ahead of the authorities. But who is the strange man following him, and how can Light guard against enemies whose names he doesn't know?!


9781421501680 DEATH NOTE 01
9781421501697 DEATH NOTE 02
9781421501703 DEATH NOTE 03
9781421503318 DEATH NOTE 04
9781421506265 DEATH NOTE 05
9781421506272 DEATH NOTE 06
9781421506289 DEATH NOTE 07
9781421506296 DEATH NOTE 08
9781421506302 DEATH NOTE 09
9781421511559 DEATH NOTE 10
9781421511788 DEATH NOTE 11
9781421513270 DEATH NOTE 12
9781421539645 DEATH NOTE BLACK 01
9781421539669 DEATH NOTE BLACK 03
9781421539683 DEATH NOTE BLACK 05
9781421539690 DEATH NOTE BLACK 06


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