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Do you think you can catch all the Bees?

Well, our Beekeeper is skilled enough to do the job. We are here to help you with the first-ever YA Book Box from The Purple Box Bookstore in India.

Why exactly you should buy it?

Well, you don't need to wait for months now. Yes, finally a ready-to-ship box was designed and planned in 2020 (7 months ago and now we are here - ready to ship).

What's in it there for you?

  • Well, a hardcover copy of the most awaited Between You, Me, and the Honeybees Book by Amelia Diane Coombs
  • Beautiful Mug inspired from Harry Potter world and designed by Mansi (Hastnirmit)
  • A soft cushion cover to flaunt your #bookstagrams (We literally and literary slept over it, the comfort is always there)
  • Enamel Pin designed by Bushra, and inspired from the world of These Violent Delights
  • MDF Ply Box, well to store your precious books and collectibles (we just upgraded the Box level in India)
  • Pen case, we thought it could inspire you to write or just to store those extra Pencils
  • Some Kawai Bookmark and Badges

Anything else you want to add? Do let us know for our next Book Box

What is the actual cost of the Box?

Well, all of these are custom-designed elements and will be separately available for sale on the Book Box will save a lot of bucks to cover almost the cost of an additional hardcover book.

The Important part to read is below:

Shipping: Orders received before Thursday will be leaving on Saturday and Monday

As an example: if you order before 20th January, your shipment will get dispatched on either 22nd or 24th January

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