Our Story


Just a group of people who love reading books, good coffee or the quintessential masala chai and want to share the good vibes to all others. We never planned The Purple Box - it just happened over a night of intense book discussions, Harry Potter arguments and a couple of beer pints. And a vodka or two. Was whiskey involved too? Ahem, a topic to discuss later.

Team TPB's dream is to create a space where one can be one's ownself unapologetically free and let the imagination soar high. The baby steps have already been taken, now our desire is to start the runway stretch. Because for us, books are not just limited to bookshelves or Bookstagram - for us, it is a way to broaden our horizons and be free. Get people to leave behind the cobwebs of their minds and join us in the flight of dreams and aspirations.

We are always a click away and love a conversation - do drop a line if you want to talk to us. It could be anything, even about Dobby's sock index!

Interested in joining our team? Drop us an email and we will revert to you super-quick. Yeah, it's that simple.

We are Neverland (The registered company name is Neverland Brands Private Limited)
Brand Portfolio:
    1. The Purple Box Bookstore
    2. The Merch Street Co.
    3. The Badge Company
    4. The Lit Store TM
    5. The Book Basket
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