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2020 April Winner


Have you checked out of our Bookstagrammar of the Month Awards? The only monthly award series that rewards Bookstagrammars for the pains they take for clicking that perfect photograph. Sign up today to get a chance to win the coveted trophy! 


Entries for September month has been closed, Click here to Vote your favourite entry!

Few guidelines to be followed as below to win the award:

  • Please Register below for the participation
  • The photo should be posted from a public profile. 
  • Tag @the_purple_boxstore in your posts and/or captions, this will improve the reach and visibility of your best posts
  • The Hashtags to be used are: #BookstagrammerOfTheMonth and #AloneIsNotLonely
  • The photograph should not be sexually explicit, violent, racially abusive or communal in nature.
  • Every participant is allowed to submit only 1 photograph. If multiple photographs are submitted, the last photograph uploaded will be considered
  • For timeline, keep eye on our Instagram channel
  • Let others know you are taking part in the award or nominated in the award, this will help hunters and voters to follow your profile religiously as this will trigger the Instagram algorithm


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