Shipping Updates

Please find below the shipping updates as per the products ordered, in case you have not received any update yet or if you have any query, please fill out your details here, and our team will get in touch with you shortly.

August W3 updates:


  • Agatha Christie Facsimile classic editions: All the orders are dispatched
  • Clearance sale July: First batch is dispatched already, second batch will dispatched in next 4-6 days with the remaining orders
  • Midnight Sun: Dispatching on 24-08-2020
  • Cinderella is Dead: Expected in last week - W4 August
  • Manga: Second batch is being dispatched on 26-08-2020
  • Leigh Bardugo's Collector's Editions: Arriving in September W4 - October W1 - Import from UK

All the products has the shipping duration mentioned in the description, please feel free to write to us in case of any queries.


August W4 updates: 

  • Midnight Sun - all the pending orders has been dispatched

  • Manga Orders - all the pending orders has been dispatched

  • Flash Sale July - all the pending orders has been dispatched

  • Cinderella is Dead: Sold Out - all the pending orders has been dispatched, few orders are not sent due to unavailability of the logistics service partner ( please check your mailbox for more details )

  • Leigh Bardugo's Collector's Editions: Arriving in September Week 4 - October Week 1 - Import from UK

  • Flash Sale August Orders - Dispatch started, to be completed on 31st August


In case your order is not dispatched yet, please mail us your order id, or you can DM us on Instagram

Please check the shipping timeline mentioned in the description of your order

For any queries, reply to this mail with your Order ID

Please check Shipping Policy for more details