Sell Your Pre-Loved Books

Sell Your Pre-Loved Books with The Book Basket

Are you a books hoarder?
There comes a time in every reader’s life where they have to accept some hard truths: that not every book they’ve read is one they should treasure forever; that decorating in towering stacks of books might not be the healthiest choice unless they want to start wearing helmets around the house. When you’ve come to this point, you will want to clean out your collection. And, that may mean it’s time to sell some of those books

If this is true and you are up to put your babies up for the adoption, The Book Basket is here to help you out

1. You will have to decide on which books you want to put up for the adoption, we request you to decide on minimum 10 titles, maximum 50 at one go.
2. Once the request is accepted via below form, we will ask you to ship those books to us
3. We will receive your babies and share a quality score with you, based on the current conditions and the same will be shared with the other interested readers via The Book Basket storefront
4. We will ask you to decide on the rates, and once it is adopted - we will carefully pack your babies to send to their next home
5. Also, you can always add a small personal note for the next owner
You will receive all the final details with the acceptance of your adoption proposal
The Acceptance of the title depends on The Book Basket Curators and the judgement will be final

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