Black Cat Volumes

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Crossing paths with bounty hunter Train is seriously bad luck for criminals!

Train Heartnet, also known as "Black Cat," was an infamous assassin for a secret organization called Chronos...until he abandoned that cold-blooded existence to live on his own terms as an easygoing bounty hunter. But is Train's past as far behind him as he thinks?

Persuaded by the promise of a gourmet dinner, Train accepts coy cat burglar Rinslet’s invitation to be her date at the birthday bash of a prominent socialite. But Train may have bitten off more than he can chew because among the guests at the party is a murderer who believes that killing is a fine art!


9781421506081 BLACK CAT 04
9781421506104 BLACK CAT 06
9781421510361 BLACK CAT 07
9781421510378 BLACK CAT 08
9781421510392 BLACK CAT 10
9781421510408 BLACK CAT 11
9781421514703 BLACK CAT 12
9781421516042 BLACK CAT 13
9781421516059 BLACK CAT 14
9781421516080 BLACK CAT 17
9781421516097 BLACK CAT 18
9781421523781 BLACK CAT 19
9781421523798 BLACK CAT 20

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