Captain America by Dan Jurgens Omnibus(Pre-Order)

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Comic book titan Dan Jurgens’ complete CAPTAIN AMERICA run! In action-packed adventures, Cap must somehow stop the war efforts of the Hate-Monger, a villain with ties to Hitler himself — and save Ka-Zar from the monstrous murderer Count Nefaria! But when Steve Rogers comes face-to-face with Protocide, he learns that everything he knew about his origin is wrong! And what happens when Steve’s girlfriend Connie Ferrari gets caught in an A.I.M. plot? Then, the entire free world is at stake when the nefarious Red Skull hijacks the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier and threatens nuclear annihilation. The only one that can stop this diabolical plan is the Sentinel of Liberty. There’s just one problem. Captain America is — dead?! Featuring Nick Fury, USAgent, the Fantastic Four and the Howling Commandos!

COLLECTING: Captain America (1998) 25-50, Captain America Annual 2000-2001, material from Captain America: The Legend (1996) 1

Shipping: January 2022 Release in India