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Imagine waking to a world where every last human has been mysteriously turned
to stone...
One fateful day, all of humanity turned to stone. Many millennia later, Taiju frees
himself from the petrification and finds himself surrounded by statues. The
situation looks grim—until he runs into his science-loving friend Senku! Together
they plan to restart civilization with the power of science!
When every human on Earth is turned to stone by a mysterious phenomenon,
high-schooler Taiju is also petrified the moment he’s about to confess to his
high-school crush. Flash forward several thousands of years later, Taiju awakens
and joins up with his friend Senku, who has ambitious dreams. His plan: to restart
civilization from square one with the power of science!
It's science vs. the stone age in the latest action-packed adventure from Shonen
Releases 4 times a year for 4+ volumes. Series is ongoing.
New Shonen Jump series that is gaining immense popularity in Japan and the
US, consistently ranking at the top of Weekly Shonen Jump reader surveys.
Colloboration between established storywriter Riichiro Inagaki ( Eyeshield 21) and
artist Boichi (Sunken Rock)
A dystopian survival setting that will appeal to fans of Lost, Battle
Royale and Lord of the Flies.


9781974702619 DR STONE VOL. 01
9781974709526 DR STONE VOL. 08

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