Exceedingly Elementary Book Box

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Say hello to a Magical October with the Exceedingly Elementary Box!

With merch and knick-knacks inspired from the detectives peppered through history, the ones whose "leetle grey cells" make us go "oh whoa!", this box aims to be your perfect partner in your own sleuthing adventures!

Also, you can feel free to add on the selected books from the drop-down to make this experience more remarkable. And who knows, maybe set out on an adventure of your own!

What is going to be inside the box?

We are going to keep it a bit of a surprise (a happy, squealing-with-joy type surprise, mind you!) but you may think tapestries, scarves...you get the point.

To make this box more magical, we have also provided the option to add Sherlock BBC graphic novels!!! The Sherlock S01 Graphic Novel set includes the first 3 titles - 

  1. Sherlock BBC Graphic Novel 01: A Study In Pink
  2. Sherlock BBC Graphic Novel 02: The Blind Banker
  3. Sherlock BBC Graphic Novel 03: The Great Game

(Paperback versions)

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