Never the Wind

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      Binding: Trade Paperback

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ISBN: 9781789099812

Author: Dimitri, Francesco

Luca Saracino has been blind for eight months when his family move to a Southern
Italian farmhouse they dream of turning into a hotel. As Luca tells his story without
sight - solely through hearing, smell, taste and touch - he meets the dauntless Ada
Guadalupi, who takes him out to explore the rocky fields and empty beaches. But
Luca and Ada can’t escape grudges that have lasted between their families for
generations, or the gossiping of the town. And Luca is preyed upon by the feral
Wanderer, who walks the vineyards of his home. And Luca soon discovers he is being
preyed upon by the wanderer, who walks the vineyards.

Binding: Trade Paperback

Format: Import

Number Of Pages: 320

Release Date: 07-06-2022

EAN: 9781789099812

Languages: English