The House of Sorrowing Stars + Exclusive Woodmark

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      Binding: Hardcover

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ISBN: 9781529100693

How do you heal a broken house?
First you unlock its secrets.

Alone on an island, surrounded by flowers that shine as dusk begins to fall, sits an old, faded house. Rooms cannot be rented here and visits are only for those haunted by the memory of loss.

When Liddy receives an invitation, she thinks there must be some mistake - she's never experienced loss. But with her curiosity stirred, and no other way to escape a life in which she feels trapped, she decides to accept.

Once there, she meets Vivienne, a beautiful, austere woman whose glare leaves Liddy unsettled; Ben, the reserved gardener; and Raphael, the enigmatic Keymaker. If Liddy is to discover her true purpose in the house, she must find the root of their sorrow - but the house won't give up its secrets so easily . . .

A spellbinding and haunting literary fable of loss, from the author of Feathertide. Perfect for fans of The Binding and The Night Circus.


Shipping: July 2022