The Kahen Box - February

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It's raining petals - carrying forth the dreams of the flowers that were and the ephemeral beauty they were, only to be eternal in my thoughts.

The Kahen Box celebrates the minimalist approach of life and appreciates that sometimes, less is indeed more. This is more of a starter box for the reader on the go, someone who loves to read, loves happy surprises and wants to keep a hold on the budget. The Kahen Box will contain the just-released book (to be selected for checkout) as below, accompanied by a set of goodies that would be your companions in reading. We promise they would be quirky, funny, and really entertaining.

Book of the Month (February):

1. The Mask Falling - Hardcover

2. The Shape of Darkness - Hardcover

  • Wrist Support Cushion
  • Tote Bag from The Merch Street Co.
  • Vicious Spirits Chibi - Mini Tapestry (12" * 12" inches)

Shipping: February Third Week

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