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Say hello to the most exclusive and profitable membership ever!

Save more on your favorite purchases, add more points to your Purple Bucks and get swag-worthy merchandise!

What's in store for you -

  1. Exclusive early-access pass to pre-order bookings
  2. Members-only newsletter with deets to exclusive deals
  3. Members-only sale events
  4. Members-only pricing (save those bucks)
  5. Discount coupons
  6. Birthday offers
  7. Complimentary add-on: The Book Pass - blocking the full price for pre-orders is passe! Now pay a token amount to book your favorite pre-order and pay the remaining when the book comes in stock. Easy, simple and everyone's happy. Even the wallet!
  8. Early access to exclusive swag items (signed copies, you say? you get to look first!)


How to avail the club pass?

Buy one month trial pack or 3/6/12 months membership. Once you checkout the membership and complete the order, you are part of an exclusive club.

The pricing and offers you will be able to checkout will be different then others. It's time to save some bucks with The Purple Club.

If you are Kahen Book Box Subscriber,  please wait for the email with membership details.